Natural Salt Lamp 5-7 KG


5-7 kg Natural Salt Lamp

Model Number ASC004

Size:-6.5×6.5×9.5Inches Approx.

Avg. Weight:- 6.35 Kg

04 Pieces in One master Carton

Available in Gift boxes, Brown or white box, or Custom Packing,

Pallets are also available.

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Himalayan Pink Salt, also known as Himalayan rock salt, is a type of salt that is mined from the Khewra Salt Mine in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The salt gets its characteristic pink color from the presence of trace minerals, including iron, magnesium, and potassium.

This type of salt is often touted for its health benefits and is used in a variety of culinary and wellness applications. One of the primary benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt is that it is believed to contain more beneficial minerals than regular table salt. These minerals are thought to provide a range of health benefits, such as regulating blood pressure and promoting healthy digestion.

In addition, Himalayan Pink Salt is considered to be a purer form of salt, as it is harvested directly from the earth and does not undergo any processing. Himalayan Pink Salt is also used for its unique flavor profile. Many people prefer its taste to that of regular table salt, as it has a more complex and nuanced flavor. It is often used as a finishing salt, meaning it is added to dishes at the end of cooking to enhance the flavor

Different Variations:

Product Name Model No. Avg. Weight
Natural Salt Lamps1.75-3kg Asc-01 2.35
Natural Salt Lam s 3-5k Asc-02 4.25
Natural Salt Lamps 5-7 kg Asc-03 6.25
Natural Salt Lamps 7-10kg Asc-04 8.35
Natural Salt Lamps 11-14kg Asc-05 12.5
Natural Salt Lamps 14-18kg Asc-06 16
Natural Salt Lamps 18-25kg Asc-07 23.5
Natural Salt Lamps 25-30kg Asc-08 27.5
Natural Salt Lamps 30-40kg Asc-09 36
Natural Salt Lamps 40-50kg Asc-10 45
Natural Salt Lamps 50-60kg Asc-ll 55
Natural Salt Lamps 60-80kg Asc-12 73
Natural Salt Lamps 80-110kg Asc-13 95


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