Natural Salt Lamps


Natural Salt Lamps

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Natural Himalayan salt lamps, made from 100% genuine Himalayan, can help to keep your living environment healthy and purify the air in your home. Unlike unnatural salt lamps with a red hue, the natural pinkish-orange hue of Himalayan salt lamps will blend into almost any room.


This all natural salt lamp has been hand carved from natural salt crystals mined from the base of the Himalayan Mountains. The negative ions released from this lamp effectively purify and neutralize your indoor air making it safer for you and your loved ones. The shape of a lamp allows direct contact with the body, promoting a calming effect to the whole body and mind. The color emitted by this lamp is a soft, white light that can mimic candlelight.

All natural lamps are categorized on the bases of the weight they carry.
Each lamp is carefully crafted by hand. This is the beauty of Natural salt lamps that every one is unique in its shape and style. We can’t place a picture of every lamp on website. The photographs represent the quality and color of the lamps we supply. The pictures and sizes mentioned here are some common and regular sizes. All natural lamps are categorized on the bases of the weight they carry.

Each lamp is carefully crafted by hand to retain the beautiful, natural shape of the rock.

All Salt lamps are fitted with a wooden or onyx marble base. Naturally all of our handicrafts are individually unique and not every lamp are same, in style, color, design, shape and the size may also vary from pictures and general provided measurements.

Natural Salt Lamps

  • Natural salt lamps release negative ions that can help to purify the air and improve air quality in a room.
  • They can help to reduce symptoms of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions.
  • Natural salt lamps can promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety, leading to better overall well-being.
  • They can provide a soothing and calming ambiance to a room, making them a great addition to any space.
  • Natural salt lamps can be used as a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting options.