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Pink Salt excels in mining & carving with a set of skill-set found rarely.
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Anaya Salt Crafts is established since 2006 with the mission to meet the highest standards in manufacturing & exporting quality of Himalayan Salt Lamps and all Related Products around the Globe. We are ISO, BRC, Organic, Halal, Kosher, and HACCP certified company. And 17th year gold supplier member on world's largest B2B website.

One of the reasons that we are the Top Manufacturer's in the country is that we do not compromise in selecting our craftsmen, who are the best in their fields. We are 100% against child labor and never hire any under-age employees to cut corners. Our employees are paid the best salaries and health benefits.

What We Do?

We are manufacturer and exporters of Himalayan Rock Salt Products from Pakistan located right in the foothills of Khewra mines. We have a stringent quality control program in the process from mining to shipment, to enhance the future needs of market expanding globally day by day. No child labour is used. Environment friendly organization, client oriented management and skilled workforce striving hard to satisfy the market needs professionally.

What We Offer

We provide all ranges of Himalayan Natural Salt products at competitive prices with Quality of customer care services. Our Products Range Includes, Natural Salt Lamps, Crafted Salt Lamps, Fancy Flower and Animal Salt Lamps, Rock Salt Tea lights and Candle Holders, Rock Salt Tiles and Sauna Rooms, Bath Salts, Massaging Soaps, Edible Salt (Table Salt), Cooking Salt, Industrial Salt, Animals Licking Salt, and Etc.
We invite you to compare our quality of work on these stones and find the difference. Our salt lamps can be shipped anywhere in the world and are suitable for use anywhere in the house. Try yours in the bedroom, living room, dining room, hallway, meditation room, or anywhere else even in child’s room. Consider placing one near your television or computer. It even helps improve the quality of air around smokers.
We also make custom shapes and designs according to the given dimensions. Our experienced crafters make Salt lamps exactly to the given diagrams. You can add one of yours in the great variety of different beautiful shapes of Salt lamps and Candle holders.

Mission Statement


To offer the highest salt products that are of the highest quality to our customers and clients. To create a long-lasting relationship with our clients and provide excellent customer service by conducting research and development, and employing the latest technology to assist our customers with respect.


Our goal is to establish solid relationships with our customers and to apply international standards in all of our products in order to provide our customers with organic Himalayan salt.

We are one of the leading Supplier of Himalaya Salt in Pakistan.

We are producing Selected Quality of Himalaya Rock Salt lamps, Salt Tea Light Holders, Salt Tiles, Edible Salt, Bath Salts and Animal Licking Salt & many more items in different shapes and sizes. Our All Products have:

  • Beautiful glowing colors.
  • Professionally carved.
  • Certified electrical fittings
  • Timely Delivery
  • Competitive prices

Himalayan salt can be described as a pink-colored salt that is enriched with mineral elements and iron. The salt is extracted by hand and processed into refined products, free of additives and impurities. It is not just attractive colors however, it also comes enhanced with minerals and trace elements.



Always focus in improving our mining and procedures to, we don't compromise on the quality of our products.

Finest Selection

Finest Selection of Himalyan Salts from Mines

Deliver on Time

We always Deliver your cargo on time.

Certified Supplier

We leading and certified suppliers of salt in Pakistan.

Easy Process

Easily can order through Website.

Quality Products.

We produce Quality Himalaya Rock Salt lamps Products.

Product Expertise

We have experties in producing Salt Products.


We have been certified and are determined to provide the best salts of the highest quality in accordance with the international standards for quality.

Our Authenticity