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Himalayan Natural Pink Salt is not only prized by gourmet chefs and health food fanatics for its unique flavour, but also for the many benefits it provides. The salt's pink colour comes from traces of iron oxide - a naturally occurring mineral also found in grape skin extracts. The high mineral content makes Himalayan pink salt a much healthier alternative to table salt as Himalayan pink salt contains 82 minerals that are essential for maintaining good health. This salt is healthy for you. Himalayan salt is an unrefined salt that comes from the purest form of salt on earth, it's also one of the oldest forms. It contains over 80 natural trace minerals including iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, chromium, copper zinc, sulphur & iodine. These are just some of the many minerals which help to promote healthy cells in your body.

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Himalaya Pink Salt, The Nature's Gift.

Himalayan Pink Salt is formed over millions of years as a result of interactions between the earth's earliest life forms and the flecks taken from the nearby sea. As it is mined, its pink colors are preserved beautifully. Each piece has subtle variations caught by the light, making every shipment unique. Mine to sell by the month or order retail for something delicious, healthy and glowing all year long. Experience the Himalayan Salt Lamps ®️ Collection, which comprise of salt lamps, salt candle holders and various other salt products. Each product is hand carved from pure Himalayan crystal salt and exhibits a mesmerizing glow. The lamps have been said to emit a calming effect, purify the air and create a feeling of well being. They have been used by people for thousands of years in countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia and France.


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Dolphin Lamps

Free standing lamps are hand carved from natural salt crystals harvested directly from the Himalayan mountains. These lamps represent over 12,000 years of crystalline beauty and are the most unaltered rock on earth.

Natural Lamps

Natural Himalayan salt lamps are made from 100% natural salt crystals mined in the Himalayan Mountains. These amazing lamps work by producing negative ions, which eradicate airborne pollutants and provide an overall healthier level of oxygen in your home.

Crafted Lamps

The lamps are made from natural salt crystals mined deep in the Himalayan Mountains. The rough exterior is transformed into a spectacular lamp that radiates a warm, tranquil glow that can easily be adjusted with the included dimmer switch.
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It’s All About Himalayan Natural Salt And Natural Life!

Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals including calcium, iron, manganese, iodine, potassium, lithium, copper and zinc. These trace minerals are essential to health maintenance. This pure salt is produced deep within the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan where the earth’s tectonic plates meet. Salt is one of the most abundant substances on earth and is found in almost all foods that grow above ground. Because of the purity of this salt, you can expect it to be slightly larger grained than typical table or kosher salt--not coarser enough to prevent it from dissolving quickly in your foods. The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp with Bulb is a natural source of energy and is good for overall health. It is made from rock salt crystals and with Halotherapy (healing with salt) gaining popularity among people, this lamp gives us a great way to be able to make it at home easily. Himalayan salt is a very good choice of salt, Himalayan pink salt is hand quarried in Pakistan and is gathered from ancient ocean deposits. The high mineral salt contains over 70 minerals and elements essential for human health, such as iodine, iron, selenium and zinc.


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