Black Table Salt Fine Rock Salt


Black Table Salt Fine Rock Salt

Packaging Size 10kg and 25kg

Packaging Type Bag

Country of Origin Pakistan

Model No: 418

Available in Gift boxes, Brown or white box, or Custom Packing,

All Edible Table Salt Products are available and Free Samples are also Available


Himalayan Chef Black Salt is mainly sourced from the Foothills of the Himalayas. It is 100% Naturally Pure and Unprocessed, free from Preservatives, Toxic Chemicals, and Anticaking Agents to preserve its freshness and prevent Moisture Content. High-Quality Black Salt is rich in Mineral Content that may help to Balance Body’s ph. Levels and comes in a perfectly Sealed Lock Easy to Use Plastic Shaker to maintain the overall Freshness.

The Himalayan salt is available in different colors, including the popular pink, dark pink, and white in all Mesh sizes ranging from fine powder to 15 mesh, 20 mesh, 25 mesh, 30 mesh 1mm to 2mm, 2mm to 5mm, 5 to 10mm, 10 to 20mm, 1 to 2 cm, and 2-5cm chunks

Here few examples of the packing for reference. Please feel free to get in touch with more detailed information and start your own brand. Free Samples are Available. All sizes of Hand Grinders, Shakers, and Standing pouches in Craft paper & Plastic are available.

Packing of 500 gm,10kg, and 25kg
Pure Himalayan Black Salt
It has nutritional properties
Enjoy Great Flavor


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