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Upon harvesting, the minerals and trace elements that give Himalayan Salts their characteristic pink color are now preserved because we do not use any chemicals or pesticides in our processing. This premium salt is commonly used as a natural air purifier and as a healthful addition to your diet. Our natural, unrefined Himalayan Salt crystals are certified organic and meet the highest food-grade standards to ensure you obtain maximum absorption of its numerous nutrients and minerals. Building on the wonders of nature's most unrefined and nutritious salts, we created Himalayan All Natural. This line of salt is packaged in a food grade plastic pouch so it can be sprinkled directly onto your meals to enjoy the taste and benefits of pure Himalayan sea salt. We carry Himalayan salt where ever we go.
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Benefits of Organic Salt

  • Eating organic Salts  could increase your antioxidant intake by 20-40%
  • Organic Salt have more nutrients and antioxidants than their conventional counterparts
  • Organic produce contains fewer pesticides
  • Organic Salt is GMO-free

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