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Mont Diamond is a team that has crafted Himalayan salt lamps since 2009. We are proud to name this lamp ours, as it is the first lamp that we produced which has patented technology. It contains air bubbles created during the process of cleaning salt crystals to make it non-toxic glassware. We work closely with the Himalayan peoples' communities in Pakistan and Nepal, supporting sustainable harvests through community-run co-operatives. Through profit sharing with these co-ops, we invest in local infrastructure, including schools and medical clinics. Our salt is the only one of its kind. It is kosher, unrefined and hand cut. Our method insures purity and quality. Himalayan salt has the highest frequency of any salt on earth because of its location in the heart of the Himalayan Mountains between Tibet and India. The combination of pureness and energy creates a taste that can never be duplicated anywhere else.

Salt Boxes Direct to Your Door

Our widest office variety of fresh Salt. Mix may contain both conventional and organically grown fruit to insure the maximum variety we can provide.
Organic Growers

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We harvest Himalayan salt from the foothills of Khewra, Pakistan, in the Northern Punjab region. This is the same salt that has been collected for millennia by our ancestors and used in daily life. This is not just salt... It's Himalayan Crystal Salt. Each crystal is harvested at the peak of the cleansing, mineral-rich spring waters gushing from the foothills of the Himalayas. This salt sits naturally below the earth's surface, protected for millennia by a thick layer of rock. Pure, natural, Himalayan Table Salt is made from Salt beds in the Himalayas. #@# The clear beauty of Himalayan salt makes it a great choice for any kitchen, but it is also rich in over 80 trace minerals. With little to no heat used in its processing, all of the essential minerals are preserved, making this salt the most unrefined available today.

Monthly Salt Clubs

Today's Dish is proud to bring you the best of Himalayan Salt, including beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp Gourds. With its rich, natural glow, energy-boosting minerals, and the purest of aromas, this salt makes a wonderful addition to any home. Produced from centuries-old Himalayan salt mines, the Great Himalayan Pink Salt Co. delivers a premium, natural product using much the same time-tested methods employed when the mines were first carved thousands of years ago. Natural and Pure Himalayan salt is a lot like the gold mine it comes from: natural, beautiful, and valuable. The deep pink crystals have been evaporated from the pure natural saltwater found in the Himalayas' Khewra mines, so they're as fresh as can be from the mountains. Legend has it that people have been using this salt as a healing agent for 5,000 years. Find out why!